• Un paroir

    A flatter

    Hello, the flatter is what?
     This tool is more commonly called "smiley" or "hoe" and all gardeners have to hand but, with a handle.
    Mon outil est bien un paroir ou ce que tu veux autre mais en aucun cas uin butteur . My tool is a flatter or whatever you want but in no other case uin scorer.

      . This tool was once pulled by a horse and used to make the aisles of a vineyard clean. Previously, k the only way to fight against the grass was cut or tear.
    . My tool was amended so that it is towed by a tiller and I used to fight against the grass on a large flat surface, such alley of vines and garden in his game without harvesting at some times of the year.  . It goes quickly to make a clean surface, without needing to shake the earth and without herbicides.

    . To learn more .......

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